History and Goals

David W. James, Adam Gaines, and Keenan Page have been involved for several years in initiatives supporting young adults who have “aged out” of the Nebraska foster care system.The “Truck Brigade” solicits and picks up donations of furniture and other items necessary for setting up a household, and takes them to a central location at the Omaha Home for Boys (OHB) called “The “Mart.” YAFFYs may come to the Mart with their case managers and select the items of furniture they need, which the Truck Brigade then delivers, along with a “pantry” of food items, to their apartment.During the time of delivering furniture to the Yaffy, the Partnership 4 Hope! mentoring relationship opportunity is discussed. 


In the course of these activities, Mr. James, Mr. Page, and Mr. Gaines realized that once these youth exit the foster care system, they face significant challenges on their path to independent living. Partnership 4 Hope was proposed to the case managers working with this population and to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, all of whom supported the concept as a means of addressing this very critical need.


Partnership 4 Hope is a community-based initiative designed to address the unique challenges that YAFFYs face. The community and population it serves are young adults in the greater Omaha metropolitan area, nineteen years of age and older, who have “aged out” of the foster care system. It strives to meet these challenges by recruiting and providing this population with mentors who will establish a meaningful mentoring relationship, as well as a community support system that will partner with and help both mentor and mentee to succeed as they travel together on the journey toward independent living. It will also seek provide material, emotional, and relational assistance to meet challenges they face in that process.

We reach young adult former foster youth (YAFFY) through Truck Brigade on a weekly basis when helping deliver their furniture.  At that time we give them a pantry (of food), cleaning supplies and the opportunity to partner with a mentor.  Matched mentees (YAFFY's) receive ongoing support from a more experienced adult that can help guide them through life's challenges.

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The Streets
Team Talk

Partnership 4 Hope screens and  trains all of our mentors and prepares them for a partnership with YAFFY's.  Partnership 4 Hope provides ongoing support to the mentor/mentee relationship and periodic collaborations of mentors.

Through Partnership 4 Hope's connections in the community we are able to provide pantries of food, quilts, cleaning supplies and emergency financial support.  


Marble Surface

Mentor Lynsey and mentee Azealia connect through the giving of a quilt.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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