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A mentoring program and further support that fosters independence. 

Partnership 4 Hope's Traditional Mentoring Program is one that pairs independent adults with YAFFY (Young Adult Former Foster Youth) for the purpose of a committed partnership with a young adult that has aged out of foster care. Partnership 4 Hope follows the mindset of "mentoring means coming alongside a young adult to be of support and guidance". P4Hope trains all mentors in their role, expectations of them and the mentee, the matching process, and ongoing support that Partnership 4 Hope offers the mentoring relationships.


What to expect: 

  • A one-year minimum commitment (with options of renewing the mentoring contracts).

  • 2 required Training Sessions: Orientation (a 2 hour training via Zoom or in-person) & The RapportBuilding and Goal Setting Training (a 2 hour training via Zoom or in-person).

  • Completed Background Checks

  • Mentor Interviews (for the purpose of P4Hope to get to know Mentor and make appropriate matches).

  • Mentee Interviews (P4Hope also interviews mentees separately to assist in getting to know them and match them appropriately).

  • Ongoing support from Partnership 4 Hope. 


Requirement of Eligible Mentors:

  • Age of 21 or older

  • Independent as an adult and progressed in knowledge necessary for successful adulthood.

  • Ability and willingness to complete required trainings

  • Time commitment of 1 year (minimum), 4+ hours contact monthly with mentee

  • Adult mentor has Driver's License, Vehicle/means of transportation.


Partnership 4 Hope is happy to highlight youth making their way in life. They've overcome obstacles by rising to the challenges put in from of them.


The discussions between mentor and mentee show the importance of the mentoring relationship. Each quarter new stories will be highlighted thanks to our mentors and mentees. 

Mentee Stories & Questions



  1. How did you learn about partnership

   2. How has partnerships strengthened your hope relative to your Journey


   3. Why I made it- driving force?

   4. How do you see your education being used?


   5. What is your current job?


   6. What are your goals?


Tina Shanks

1.  I learned about Partnership 4 Hope! through my school, I told the counselor and my scholarship mentor that I was having issues with taking care of my little brother, working and also doing school work. They told me about Partnership 4 Hope and asked if I would be interested, and I said yes. This was in 2017 so it has been around 3 years having my mentor Ginger. 


2. P4Hope has really shown me that I have support wherever I look. I was unsure if I could do what I was doing but everyone was understanding and will help with anything. When I was signing up for college the first time Lisa, took me there and helped me through talking to people and doing the paperwork. P4Hope  has really given me hope that I can and will graduate college while working and taking care of two teenage siblings. 

3. Business administration has a lot of opportunities to explore.  I'm hoping that I will use my education to get the Brule Foundation that I have started up and running 100%. The degree and knowledge will really help me with running it without having to learn as I go as much as I would without it. 

4.  Currently I work at the Micah House, the only family shelter in Council Bluffs. I work on the ladies’ side, doing almost everything. I clean, give meds, hand out supplies and do intakes. I do other things as well depending on what needs to be done. The clients I work with really do leave an impression on you, even when you do not realize it at first. 


5.  My goals in life are to make sure that my siblings are happy and healthy. I want to get my foundation running and be financially stable. Someday if I have kids, I want them to have a better childhood than I did. I also am hoping to be a mentor myself one day. 


6.  I have changed quite a bit. I can say I am much stronger than I used to be. I also used to never ask for help, but being in the program I had to learn how to ask for things. I would like to think that I am a bit smarter than I used to be in many ways. 



Tina shared more thoughts about her newly formed foundation: “The name of the non-profit is the Brule Foundation.  I started it towards the end of 2019. It’s a place for homeless/ less fortunate people to shower and clean their clothing.  There will also be provided fresh clean clothes for them to pic out and change into while they have their clothes laundered.  Everyone deserves to feel like a human being, being clean and having clean clothing helps.  Everything will be free for them.  I’m also planning on having some type of case management so there are resources for the clients to find housing and jobs.” 

Maria Forbes

This young woman has a fierce spirit. She believes in herself and her potential.  This stems from a desire to show all those who told her she would fail, that she is a success. 


Maria heard about Partnership 4 Hope 2 1/2 years ago from her case manager Keenan.  Maria knew she wanted to finish college but some things had to change.  


Partnership 4 Hope provided Maria essentials for her apartment, helped with some car issues, gave her scholarship guidance and helped her develop the confidence to feel comfortable asking for advice. 


Maria says it’s nice having a mentor to talk with about accomplishments.  She’s learned to put herself first and is more hopeful knowing there are individuals who believe in her. 


The 3M Company is where Maria works graveyard shift. She’s a full-time employee and has worked for them 2 years March, 2021.   She is a Large Lens Coder. She oversees the lenses that go inside chemical tanks. There are four machines. She checks that chemicals mix properly, the rotator cuts correctly, and everything runs smoothly. 


Maria’s Goals:


Finish College with maintenance degree


Rent a home in 1-2 years


Have a yard for my dog


In 5 years move to Missouri 


Continue saving money 😉